June 24, 2024

The Regional Council of Governments (RCOG) was organized in 1971 with the purpose of administering tax collection and enforcement issues. Today, this organization administers the income tax ordinances for nearly 400 municipalities in Ohio. Each member municipality appoints a delegate to the RCOG, which has one vote on each item on the agenda. This body also elects the Trustees and Officers of the Council of Governments.

The RITA’s Tax Rates table provides taxpayers with comprehensive information on municipal income tax filing and processing services. Shared services, such as filing and processing municipal income taxes, are delivered with high accuracy and dependability. In addition to processing and reporting municipal income taxes, RITA also handles mass mailings of tax filing reminders and delinquent notices. It also participates in the IRS Data Exchange Program to identify under-reported income and address updates. The RITA’s comprehensive tax administration solutions include RITASYSTEM and RITAX, which provide a complete turnkey solution for tax collection and compliance.

RITA uses a document imaging system to reduce storage costs, improve security, and enhance customer service. The agency employs a team of collections experts who take appropriate actions to ensure that taxpayers pay their tax liabilities. The Collections department works to collect delinquent tax liabilities by contacting delinquent taxpayers via subpoenas and non-filer programs. The team then prepares lawsuits on behalf of members.

For unfinished municipal income tax returns, the RITA accepts drop-off services. Drop-off services require that tax documents are accompanied by the Municipal Income Tax Drop-Off Sheet. These documents must contain an identification number and a telephone number for follow-up assistance. Those who are unable to make this deadline may face a SUBPOENA or a tax finding based on IRS information. So, if you need to file your municipal income tax return, make sure you use the RITA’s MyAccount service.